SIPA Research Program

System of Integrated Services for the Frail Elderly


SIPA is a demonstration and evaluation project based on a model of integrated care for the frail elderly developed by François Béland, Howard Bergman and Paule Lebel.


The demonstration project aimed to implement a model for the frail elderly living in the community and to evaluate by means of an experimental device, its comparative advantage in regards to existing services in Montreal. The evaluation was on impact on health, utilization of services, cost of services, quality of care and the implementation and organization of services.


The SIPA project was carried out on the Island of Montreal over a period of 22 months from 1999 to 2001.


SIPA’s goals



Additional information about SIPA



Team Members


Principal Investigators


F. Béland, Université de Montréal
H. Bergman, McGill University
P. Lebel, Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal




P. Tousignant, J. Monette , McGill University
J. L. Denis, A.P. Contandriopoulos, F. Ducharme, Université de Montréal



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