Research Programs

Current Programs


Oncology and Aging



Cognitive Impairment and Frailty



Quality of Care and Aging


Protocole : Plan d’action ministériel sur les troubles cognitifs liés au vieillissement (pdf - in French)
Une évaluation de l’implantation et des résultats des projets initiaux en vue d’une généralisation progressive au Québec.



Completed Programs


Innovative Strategy Development Project (ISDP) (2012-2018)
Optimizing the Quality of Patient Care With a Flexible Hospital Organizational System


CIHR Team in Frailty and Aging (2007-2016)

Understanding frailty and frail older persons' needs, to design innovative models of care


Transitions between hospital and services in proximity for patients with chronic diseases : what are efficient interventions and the conditions for success? (2011-2012) (pdf - in French)


Collaborative Research Network in Long-Term Care (1997-2009)


Canadian Initiative on Frailty and Aging (2003-2007)

CIHR Interdisciplinary Health Research Team (IHRT) (2001-2006)
The challenge of understanding and meeting the needs of frail older persons in the Canadian health care system.


Research Program on Integrated Services for the Elderly (SIPA) (1999-2001)





Second International Meeting: Relating Frailty Profiles to Integrated Services
November 10-11, 2011, Montreal, Quebec   Program (in French)


CHRONIC DISEASE AND AGING, From Research to Policy to Practice
November 6, 2008, Montreal, Quebec Slides and summary reports from the symposium


First International Meeting Health and Ageing Pathways: From Research to Population Health
February 14, 2008, Montreal, Quebec

2nd International Working Meeting on Frailty and Aging
March 16-18, 2006, Montreal, Quebec

Conference L’expérience SIPA : Une pratique avancée interdisciplinaire ancrée dans la communauté (in French)
September 13, 2002, Montreal, Quebec



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