SIPA Model

SIPA model elaboration


SIPA is an integrated system of social, medical and short- and long-term hospital services offered in both the community and institutions to vulnerable elderly persons. The SIPA model includes a clinical aspect, a management structure and a funding-by-capitation system. It was developed by François Béland, Howard Bergman et al. of the McGill University/Université de Montréal Research Group and funded by the Ministère québécois de la santé et des services sociaux from 1995-1998.


The model encompasses the following characteristics:



According to the SIPA model, care is provided both within the community and in institutional settings. Elderly persons eligible for SIPA have functional disabilities or cognitive problems that limit their ability to perform the usual tasks related to activities of daily living and upkeep of their immediate environment.


The SIPA model falls within the range of orientations promoted by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services, and involves significant changes in the way health services are organized, delivered and funded.



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