Interdisciplinary Health Research Team (IHRT)

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Program title:
'The challenge of understanding and meeting the needs
of frail older persons in the Canadian health care system

In 2001, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research awarded SOLIDAGE an Interdisciplinary Health Research Team (IHRT) grant of $3.5 million dollars over a 5-year period. It is the only IHRT program awarded that supports research associated with care for older persons.


The objective of the IHRT program is to develop, evaluate and propose integrated health and social service models, as well as interventions to effectively treat, manage and/or prevent the complex problems of the frail older population.


Led by François Béland and Howard Bergman (Co-directors of SOLIDAGE), the IHRT program integrates decision makers, clinicians and leading researchers across sectors, disciplines, provinces and countries.

The three research axes of IHRT encompass seventeen projects.


Projects: Axis 1


Theme: Understanding the frailty process in the elderly (Health needs in the frail elderly)

Projects: Axis 2


Theme: Access to, patterns, effects of utilization and cost of health care and social services

Projects: Axis 3


Theme: Effective clinical intervention and integrated service systems

Team Members


Advisory Committee


Synthesis Committee

International Scientific Council


Training Program


Note: The final SOLIDAGE Training Program grants were awarded in October 2004. For a complete list of recipients, please click here.


The interdisciplinary professional training and development program was an important component of the SOLIDAGE research program. Students at the masters and doctoral level as well as post-doctoral students could develop research skills within an international and interdisciplinary environment. The program provided a unique and challenging field for study, with an internationally renowned team of leading researchers, practitioners and decision-makers working together to improve health care service delivery in Canada.


Funding for the training grants was provided by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) Interdisciplinary Health Research Team Program.

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