First International Meeting
The Health and Ageing Pathways: From Research to Population Health
February 14, 2008, Montreal, Quebec



CIHR Research Program Background Information



PRESENTATIONS (in Acrobat format)




CIHR Team in Frailty and Aging– F. Béland, A. Tourigny


How do longitudinal studies help increase knowledge regarding population health and research on aging?


Longitudinal Research on Aging: Selected Examples from the Hispanic Established Population for the Epidemiologic Study of the Elderly (H-EPESE) – K. Markides


Longitudinal studies, population health, and aging – C. Wolfson


What does responsibility for population health mean?


Responsabilité populationnelle : ce que ça veut dire ? – D. Roy


Researchers and policy makers: Working together for population health


Connaissances scientifiques et prise de décision: Le cas de la gestion des organisations de santé – JL. Denis


Presentations on Clinical Practice
The reality and relevance of the concept of frailty in a clinical setting


Frailty and the Practitioner – D. Hogan


The Reality & Relevance of Frailty in the Clinical setting – C. Patterson


The Frail Elderly Collaborative in British Columbia – C. Rauscher


Frailty and Family Practice – D. Gass


Presentations on Health Policy

Financial management, organization and incentives: Adapting healthcare services to a frail older population


Regional Specialized Geriatrics Program - Leading the way in care for seniors – G. Maier


CIHR Team in Frailty and Aging National Meeting – D. Pedlar





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